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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprise! Adams cuts backroom deal with General Electric.

Anybody heard anything about this before now? Apparently it's already been signed.

Here's an interesting provision of the contract:

The parties will work together to develop a mutually acceptable operating rhythm whereby GE and Portland will participate in information exchanges in development of the Shared Vision and projects, including semi-annual meetings between Portland and GE leadership, to discuss new technology, city trends, needs, and future projects.
If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's to get into an "operating rhythm" with our mayor.

UPDATE, 5:20 p.m.: It has indeed been signed.

Comments (15)

They got rhythm. Who could ask for anything more?

GE is a pretty bad actor when it comes to the environment. But it loves to own politicians, as if they were little Barbie and Ken dolls. Now they can add a Creepy action figure.

Wait, what? I thought monolithic corporate icons were bad for the environment?

If McCreepy starts shillin for Wal-Mart, we'll know the end is near.

Cha-ching! GE takes the place of Homer on Sam's short list. Getting public money for any project will be as easy as saying sus-tain-able.

Smart meters and controllable appliances from GE, I can hardly wait.

That unidentified flying object was the Oregon public purchasing law being thrown out the window.

Well, I can certainly give GE a glowing report for its work at Hanford.

Glow-in-the-dark bike lanes - with Smart Meters! In the Eco Districts!

Operating rhythm, ya' got me on the go...

Gershwin, right?

Well I hate to say it, but GE Capital is basically bailing on the commercial real estate business. Article yesterday or saturday in the Wall Street Journal basically says they've taken enough beatings and are folding up the commercial real estate tent. Looks like that lender will be off Homer's list for now. Of course, given his recent failures; I have to wonder what sort of lender "of-last-resort" would deal with him.

So is this MoU just like a joint resolution of the legislature?

Be It Resolved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon:

Every day shall be a happy day where all people "do good things."

(GE Approved.)

Sam and all his pliant tools on the council are driving your city right off the cliff while all you sheeple go right along with him. Too funny. Go by WES.

No surprise. PDX operates like a privately-owned corporation that allows people to live on its property as long as they pay their squatter's fees and keep quiet.

Ah, General Electric.


Way to go, Mayor Facebook. Way to go.

Kevin Decker
Global Director of Sales Programs

Kevin Decker is the Global Director of Sales Programs for GE. Partnering with Commercial Excellence leaders throughout the GE portfolio, Kevin is responsible for best practice sharing, 3rd party benchmarking, training and development, and commercial excellence tools to drive more rigor and science into the sales management function. Additionally, Kevin manages the sales forums, city swings, and sales portal, as well as the cross-business lead-sharing and customer digital connections initiatives.

A native of Kentucky, Kevin earned a B.S. from the Boston University School of Management in 2000 and began with the company as part of the GE Financial Management Program. In 2002, Kevin joined the GE Corporate Audit Staff where he spent five years before assuming his role in 2007 as the Director of Commercial Excellence focusing on Sales Force Effectiveness areas such as VIC, customer potential, and territory alignment. In 2008 his scope of responsibilities was expanded to include the Sales Programs with intent to increase their content and reach.

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