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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second oil well quietly leaking off Louisiana coast

If the bigger blowout hadn't happened nearby, we never would have heard about it.

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Time for more bike lanes.

Here is a forum geared towards sharing expert opinion on gulf situation.


And here's a story that begins to uncover the cause of the blowout...


[b]The morning the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, a BP executive and a Transocean official argued over how to proceed with the drilling, rig survivors told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an exclusive interview.
The survivors' account paints perhaps the most detailed picture yet of what happened on the deepwater rig -- and the possible causes of the April 20 explosion.
The BP official wanted workers to replace heavy mud, used to keep the well's pressure down, with lighter seawater to help speed a process that was costing an estimated $750,000 a day and was already running five weeks late, rig survivors told CNN.
BP won the argument, said Doug Brown, the rig's chief mechanic. "He basically said, 'Well, this is how it's gonna be.' " [/b]

Much more at the link.

Makes me wonder how much leakage there is from other underwater drilling operations.

Lots and lots Gil. I was listening to a reporter that spent some time over in Africa. He said the maintenance on oil platforms out there is abysmal so there are rotted pipes and leaking valves all over. He basically said all the major oil companies had rigs in that area so all are equally guilty.

I'm not a big govt type but these are areas where I generally like the job our govt does. Our environmental disasters get reported and learned from. Most other countries don't even admit they have a problem.

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