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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ring... ring... ring...

There'll be quite a few messages in this Portland lawyer's voice mailbox this morning. She's been identified as Kyron Horman's father's divorce lawyer.

Meanwhile, this just looks stupider and stupider by the day, doesn't it? Leave it to the O.

Comments (4)

I remember when she was a partner at Stahancyk, Gearing, Rackner, and Kent. Apparently the divorce lawyers had a... erm... divorce.

I hope Kaine brought his checkbook.

Too bad he's going to be paying his wife's attorney too.

Why pay an attorney when the judicial system is about to separate them for free?

Jody Stahancyk would be the perfect lawyer for Terri Horman. They look a lot alike, both would do anything for their own nefarious purposes, and everyone in Portland has an exceedingly low opinion of them. To say the least.

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