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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Portland is a great place to do business

At least, that's the way it looks on this website.

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That would be news to Portland business's.

Someone should point this out to Barry Menashe.

Given that this is a PDC website (the City), there needs to be a link to the PDOT SDC fee schedule (also the City), so that businesses can calculate how much it will cost to operate here. It's punitive, and any reasonable business person would go to Gresham or somewhere that the fees aren't so steep.

Typical Portland...Creating flowery P.R. pieces doesn't make it so....

My thoughts exactly, PD!

Is it humor or hubris for PDC to think that they hold the secrets to business success?

It must be humor ...

In our mayor, we have a college dropout who has never worked a day of his adult life in the private sector.

In PDC, we have an group that is 90% staffed with recent grads from some "planning" program or other and whose only demonstrated successes are pumping out PowerPoints and writing checks to developers.

Unfortunately, a lot of local businesses are starting themselves "Why Portland?"

Last comment should have said "are start to ask themselves".

Or "are startING to ask themselves". I need a nap.

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