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Friday, June 18, 2010

Our reputation precedes us

Looking for a city that burns money on whatever the hot trend is at the moment? Look no further than "progressive Portland." And wait 'til the SamRand twins get a load of this one:

In other news traffic light-related news, IBM is currently in the process of developing a traffic light that would turn off the motor of a car at a red traffic signal to conserve fuel.
Go by streetcar, or don't go at all!

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I have a good friend that is red / green colorblind.

You know how he knows when to go or stop at a traffic signal? If the top one, or the bottom one is lit.

Color, and shape, doesn't matter if you have an above-room-temperature IQ.

That's not to say that City Hall won't seriously consider this crap, because I'm sure they will.

SamRand would like to manage everyone's life, except their own, of course.
After all 'some animals are more equal than other animals'...
Let the exodus continue, by street car and MAX; you can take only what you can carry; get in the box, I mean street cars.

"You know how he knows when to go or stop at a traffic signal? If the top one, or the bottom one is lit."


As I waited downtown for my bus in the PSU area, watching all sorts of people - motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians - violate simple traffic laws, here's my simple solution to saving energy and taxpayers' dollars.

Shut down all downtown traffic lights.

Not like anyone obeys them anyways.

In Europe, pedestrian signals are typically dark until a pedestrian activates it, then they turn on and go through their cycle. And at a certain time at night, they simply shut off. (In some cities in the U.S. the lights go to a flashing-red or flashing-yellow - but in Germany, they turn off. Completely.)

It costs a couple hundred dollars per intersection just in electric costs for a traffic signal.


You can pretend like this is some kind of argument against the logical thing I posted above, except:

1. Whenever lights are mounted horizontally due to areas of high wind, the red light is always on the left, by standard.

2. There are no horizontally-mounted lights in Oregon.

Nice try.

If the Sam/Rand twins had thier way they would just have all the lights remain red for ever.

Oh please, that's sci-fi. Did you read any of the comments on the article? Yeah, good luck retro-fitting 200,000,000 cars. Good luck selling a car that is equipped with the junk needed to get this to fly with 200,000,000 cars out there without it. They touched-on medical emergencies, but that technology is a car-jacker dream come true. Plus nothing about malfunctions. Plus nothing about getting emergency vehicles through stacked up intersections full of cars that can't move.

Cracks me up. While the anti-car idiots scrabble for your car-keys our planet is just dying. Their concern over other people's lifestyle choices has blinded them, apparently, to the fact that we'll be out of food long before gasoline is an issue.

There are no horizontally-mounted lights in Oregon.

Actually, MSF, I believe there are. At least, the last time I drove by Lloyd Center they were still mounted horizontally - red to the left, just like they're supposed to be.

Actually, MSF, I believe there are. At least, the last time I drove by Lloyd Center

I remember those signals. They've been long, long removed - in fact, they weren't even replaced. Simply removed.

There are some horizontal signals on the old Youngs Bay Bridge (U.S. 101 Business) south of Astoria, however. On the Lewis & Clark River Bridge the signals have recently been replaced and the new signals are vertical; so it wouldn't surprise me if ODOT replaces the Old Youngs Bay Bridge signals soon. (Especially since the northbound signal is missing two of its three visors, and the pole is extremely outdated. ODOT tends to replace signal equipment quite quickly.)

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