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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One more try for Laurelhurst Park pond duck poop cleanup

Having failed once in trying to get someone to clean out the duck pond in Laurelhurst Park for a mere $775,000, the City of Portland is trying again.

I wonder what essential features of the original plan are going to be cut to bring the price down to $775,000. The low bid on the last go-'round was nearly $1.5 million.

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Hey Jack,

Do you have a plan? Will you do it for FREE and save the city money?

I'll gladly spend my summer down there with my buckets and nets and get it done for $300k.

"I wonder what essential features of the original plan are going to be cut to bring the price down to $775,000."

Sam is going to have one of his friends skim leaves off the top for $750K and call it good. Of course, the guy will only get $250K for an anfternoon's work and then the rest will go to bike paths.

Any bid that come in under $1.5 million means that we will have "savings" on the project. Our scamtastic mayor will tells us that the savings will "jump start" a new Bike Master Plan. At the same time Scam Adams will also tell us that the money won't go to bike paths. See, you can have it both ways.

Nike underwriting, with a lighted neon "Swooshin' Duck" fountain installed?

Added value bonus: daytime playback of recorded eagle screeches to keep the real ducks away, interspersed with rolling cycle of UO Fight Song, Louie Louie, and Three Dog Night's version of "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" and other faves....

The Animals - MTM(NTC)

Gary Numan - Down in the Park
Live w/NIN & Mike Garson

Tell them to get rid of the ducks. That will solve it. Ducks don't belong in the city, anyway.

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