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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Moyer's hole -- the perfect solution

Here's downtown Portland's chance to go truly world-class...

... although I still think this should be given a shot.

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They've got an interesting ad for people with the dreaded "Reverse Zombie" problem: "How to Convince Your Brain to Stop Over-Eating."

Don't let Samrand see that pic of Pioneer Square. I'm sure one of them has a friend who owns a private company who would get a cheap lease and a no-bid contract to run it. (just like the ice-rink idea)

My favorite part about Moyer's hole is the sign that says "50% leased" [or something like that].

I always comment that it should say "50% Leased, 1% completed".

Has Stoel Rives completely bagged the move or are they still on the hook for leased premises (hence the sign?). Does anyone know?

I think when that sign was made they thought the (excessively costly) PDC relocation would slip past the public eye...

I've got all kinds of suggestions regarding what Mr. Moyer can put in his hole.

The media reported that Stoel Rives is talking with its current landlord about a lease extension. There was also talk of a Niketown at street level, but they've stopped answering the PDC's calls. Too funny.

The goofball "park" across the street also seems to bear The Curse.

After seeing that Chicago concept, I can hear Mike Royko in the hereafter, laughing so hard that he coughs up a lung. He always used to say that there were some ideas so stupid that they could only be done in Chicago, and let's hope and pray that Portland doesn't try to emulate that trait of a "world-class city".

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