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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lawyer Trivia Question of the Day

Who's the guy holding the Bible at John F. Kennedy's inauguration?

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James Browning?

Right, James Browning, clerk of the Supreme Court. The bible was a Catholic (Douay) version which I'm sure greatly bothered Norman Vincent Peale.

Interesting picture in another way, too.

Four presidents in the front row. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

The story of the political era between the early 1950's and mid-1970's is all contained in this one photograph - Eisenhower, Earl Warren, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Amazing.

I see Nonny beat me to it. But he missed Earl Warren, who had as much influence on this era as any one president. And now his legacy is being torn down with the current five conservatives on the court.

Eisenhower appointed Warren thinking that he would be a conservative.

Is anyone in that photo still alive? Zelig and Forrest, don't count.

Jimmy Hoffa.

Jimmy Hoffa? Shoot! I thought it was Billie Sol Estes.

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