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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just what Portland doesn't need

More office space. Maybe Congress ought to come up with a new LEED Platinum chapter of the bankruptcy code.

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In New York, they use inflatable icebergs to hide their stalled developments.

If Portland used icebergs to cover up its planning failures, we'd be overrun with polar bears ...

"a new LEED Platinum chapter of the bankruptcy code."

I will definitely feel a twinge of guilt whenever I steal that line, which I anticipate happening a lot. Good one!

PDC will just 'borrow' the money and hand it over to the developers, as they have done before, and another empty building will grace the streets of Portland, paid for with non existent tax dollars.

I am relieved to hear it is just "financing" that is the issue, not a lack of tenants.

“Even the best of projects have been getting stalled because of financing issues,” Leverenz said. “It’s making it very challenging on our end. The financing nightmare paired with permit people being laid off at the city means projects are taking longer to go through to the construction phase.”

Brasilia in reverse (Portland, circa 2012).

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