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Monday, June 21, 2010

It's not just the field burning down here

We're spending the better part of this day in the lovely seat of Lane County. We stayed at the Valley River Inn. It's usually the best place in town for lodging, but the room we had last night had been recently occupied by either an 85-year-old person who had lost his or her sense of smell, or an international athlete whose last shower had been several weeks before his or her visit to the U of O as a prospective student.

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Or a someone breaking bad.

Used to be the best place back in the 70's too.

So it looks like room service isn't doing it's job. You must have checked in as they were packing their car!

Do as the locals, burn a little weed and wash it down with plenty of Green Kool-Aid

might want to take a photo and forward it to AAA

How do you photograph smell?

Scratch and sniff enhanced matte paper.

They used to bend over backwards for their guests. Should have called the desk and asked for some one to come do a "sniff test" in your room. They probably would have moved you or comped the room.

Times have changed. There was only one desk clerk on duty at 9 p.m., no bell person of course, and only one clerk at 8:30 a.m. Answering the phone while waiting on people, not being particularly helpful... a touchscreen would have been better. If there wasn't enough help to check you into or out of your room, there probably wouldn't have been anybody around to sniff anything. She probably would have moved me if I demanded it -- the place was pretty empty -- but the thought of re-checking and waiting some more was a little too much. The food in the bar was still good.

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