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Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm just saying

Many dogs look like their owners.

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Jack, go find a copy of Elliot Erwitt's book, "Son of Bitch", a hilarious photo essay on same.

That is hilarious!!!

Not sure exactly what you see in common--other than the stunningly good looks and a bit of greying on the temples. And what kind of dog do YOU look like, Jack?

I think they're both fine-looking beings. But you've got to admit, there's a certain similarity.

His comment about you strikes me as so humble and Christ like....

Bog is my copilot

Just because I thought it was a terrible idea to give The Latest Kafoury a second vote on the Multnomah County commission by electing Currie, doesn't mean I have any personal malice toward the guy. But his dog looks just like him, which (I'm sorry, but) is funny.

Now we've got to decide whether to give Saltzman a second vote (Collymore) or to give Wyden a vote (Smith). Or to stay home and hold onto the stamp.

No, wait! Great Idea of the Night: Let's write in HAZEL CURRIE FOR COUNTY COMMISSION!

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