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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I got just one word right now


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The Strawberry Statement 2010.
(That reference may track along generational lines.)

I understand. Yet, my word is raspberries. I assume you mean Hood? When I worked for Eco Devo, we worked with Haagen Das to use Hoods for their Strawberry ice cream.

Whatever's going right now -- I think it's Hoods -- are stunning.

Long known as premium strawberry's, Klickers are known region wide, almost as well as Walla Walla Sweet Onions. Grown in the foothills of the Blue Mountains up the Mill Creek (the mill that built Whitman's Mission.
A lot of history in these sweet fruit!




Oh boy, that means it's about time to go to Tebo's for their Strawberry Shortcake, the best around!

We got some Tillamooks the other day and were disappointed--they seem to have been bred for travelling to Maine or Japan. Hard and not very sweet even though a beautiful bright red. Today I'm out to score a case of Hoods to make the annual strawberry shortcake (using James Beard's Cream Biscuit recipe) to celebrate my teens coming home from their youth group mission trip to Mexico!

Yeah...Hoods. The remnants of the vast fields that used to feed the maw of the Stuckey's and other jam and preserve makers.

They are so much better than those things that get imported from California...as big as doorknobs and about as flavorful.

Da Razz should be comin' on shortly.

Yum! And if you're willing to pick them yourself, they're $1.25 a pound in Washington County and $1 a pound around Salem. A bit more for the pricey u-pick environs of Sauvie Island.

The berries are one of many reasons I'm looking forward to being an empty nester so that I can take my vacations in non-summer months.

Too bad berries got commercialized and specialized because I miss Marshalls... a lot

I enjoyed my everbearing Quinault strawberries for many years. I had 10 plants and would pick sweet juicy berries every day or so from June through September.

Another berry tip - thornless blackberries. I had sweet delicious berries every day for several months. Then I cut everything to the ground except 3 canes for the next year. Easy and bloodless.

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