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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Here comes legalized online poker

And now Earl the Pearl is leading the charge.

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Well...if the banks can't get their ROI on the credit card interest rates, why on scam people with "real" on line gambling.

Even the Nevada Gaming Commission, which has decades of knowledge about the casino industry, won't touch online gaming.

Maybe that's because IT'S F*@&#ING ILLEGAL!

All prohibition does is allow betting sites in Dubai and in the Cayman Islands to make all the money. Banning illegal gambling doesn't actually stop illegal gambling anymore than banning Napster stops people from illegally downloading music.

Most of my friends gamble online. It's easy and it takes two seconds to set up an account.

Legalize it. Tax it. And put the proceeds to paying off the deficit.

It don't think it will be sustainable to users.

This is equivalent to putting a government taxed heroin dispenser on your computer mouse.

"Legalize it. Tax it. And put the proceeds to paying off the deficit."

What about the children?

Screw the deficit, lets put this towards our children, who are our future. Save the schools! Save the children! (and our teachers' Gold plated Healthcare, unsustainable PERS, and more government jobs!)

Besides, let the children figure out how to pay for the deficit.

The ongoing search for things to tax goes on unabated. Gotta pay for those streetcars and bike paths.

Next on the agenda: legalization of prostitution and dog- and cock-fighting. After all, it's going to happen anyway so why shouldn't the State take its pound of flesh for bike paths and liana-swathed buildings?

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