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Sunday, June 6, 2010

He even works on rainy days

From an alert reader:

I ran into the Welches Con Man today in front of a warehouse at SE 9th and Alder.

Asked if I know Portland and Welches.

I told him I had heard about his scam and he should leave. Damn, I should have taken a picture of him.

I read your blog on him earlier and that is what I connected onto. Thanks for the tip. Looks just like you said, same quotes.

There's a book here -- a short book, maybe 180 pages, but a book nonetheless. Handled properly, it could be a nice little property.

Comments (6)

PPD may already have 180 pages on him, ya think?

They probably stopped keeping the pages once they got up to about 5. It's theft by deception, dozens and dozens of $10-$50 cases -- obviously, something our county DA does not want to be bothered with. So the guy continues to leech off the public, with no consequences -- until somebody seriously kicks his a*s. I won't shed a tear when that happens, except maybe for the enraged victim of his fraud.

In case you haven't noticed, livability doesn't matter much around here any more.

Rain or shine the Rose Festival must be a gold mine for him.

I wonder if he gets his coffee at the Red and Black Cafe.

There is a heroin drug dealer that operates between 6th and 9th & SE Alder. It is a busy part of town for the trade. A bag costs about $20, so my guess is that he just wants one good score from a sucker.

David has been spending a lot of time downtown in front of the Rialto OTB joint. He's shaved the beard, so look closely before dispensing with any cash.

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