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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gore wanted his "second chakra released," accuser says

If this person is telling the truth, she underwent a real nightmare experience. But we suspect that like Kobe Bryant's hotel accuser, she'll be singing a different tune quite soon.

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I read the entire 73-page "police report" that was released yesterday. The actual police report was about 5 pages of the total and the rest was a combination of the accuser's long prepared statement and interview with police.

If true, her claims are very disturbing, but I also got a strong feeling that she had multiple opportunities to leave after Gore allegedly revealed he wanted a sexual encounter.

She dished to the cops about how a couple of her Portland co-workers were licensed massage therapists that were also turning tricks for clients, even telling police their names and saying of one, "I hope she gets popped".

I still see people driving around with Kerry - Edwards bumper stickers. I can't see how you could have supported Edwards, and not now recognize it as a mistake. Edwards has absolutely proven he has no scrupels what with evidence showing he calculated how best to use his wife's cancer to his political advantage while at the same time scheming how to dump her and manage an affair. I am not sure Gore is at Edward's low level in terms of ethics but this certainly raises a red flag.

Reads like a third rate paper-back novel written by a 15 year old.

My impression is when VIPs come to PDX, they are usually able to get precisely what they want without this much confusion & misunderstanding.

Actually, it's troubling to think a prospective leader of the free world would not be able to negotiate a hand-job competently.

How often do you see the Portland Tribune referred to on the Drudge Report? Even if it's not directly by name and it's just for killing a story?
You know, it makes me wonder if they ever killed a big story before...maybe about an Oregon politician? I've heard that Bob Pamplin cherishes prizes and awards. Maybe there could have been a Pulitzer in it for them.

Wow. He treated her like that and probably didn't even Tipper.

"He treated her like that and probably didn't even Tipper."

Doesn't sound like Al got a happy ending out of the massage.

The us of "big lummox" and "crazed sex poodle" just seem very odd.

It took me a while to remember where I'd heard the "sex poodle" thing before and it was the Steve Martin/Lily Tomlin movie "All of Me", where the tarty British girl played by Victoria Tennant tells Martin she wants to be be his "cheap slut sex poodle".

Gives a whole new meaning to the word
AlGoreRhythm or is that a new spelling?

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