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Monday, June 14, 2010

Gatsby's latest idea

"Call up the bank we owe our mortgage to and tell them if they don't shape up, we're gonna retaliate."

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If China wants to trade real stuff for paper with president's pictures on it, I say lets go. The only place that paper is worth anything is here. Go ahead and subsidize away, it worked so well when Japan tried that strategy in the 80's.

The Chinese will NOT buy any foreign goods unless it something they do not have (like oil and even then they will buy the oil fields in Africa instead.)

I think we are at a place where we have to look how to salvage what we can and while I am not a fan of higher duties since Americans have to pay for it, it might be our only option.

This is part of our nation's "we're stupid/crazy enough to do it" policy. If it backfires, of course, we enter the Great Depression II, but if it works, we get to continue to dig the hole for a few more years.

When Mr. Baucus said the United States was oriented toward process, while China was focused on results, Mr. Geithner replied, “China’s not going to become like the United States overnight." -- down another rabbit hole....

I'm not sure why Steve is so keen on the Chinese buying our goods. I'd rather trade pieces of paper for their goods. Your worry about the deficit in trade with them is misguided. It is like complaining that Starbucks never buys things from you, It all works out.

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