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Friday, June 18, 2010

Frequent service

The "low-car" people, whose influence over Portland-area policies and spending is becoming legendary, have come up with another website on which to air their issues and views as bikers, pedestrians, and transit riders. And this time there's a four-page monthly print publication to go with it. Streetcar Smith is a honcho in the group, whose main web page is here.

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Overheard in a conversation among creative types. "I don't understand this exodus talk"

And it's always a sign of something interesting when the site owner pays an extra fee so they can remain anonymous.

My guess? Andersen's a semi-employed hipster looking for a way to turn a "nonprofit" into a moneymaking enterprise.

Chris Smith, on the other hand, is a forgettable gadfly who believes talking a lot equals intelligence or vision.

...and Davis Wright Tremaine is the lawyer groupie and 'advisor'. ...Hummm....

I drove over to the last Portland Afoot meeting but couldn't get in because the parking lot was full.

Nice, well that one came and went 'afore I could 'git' a word-in!

If you walked up behind my car (I WISH, haven't had one in 25 years.) and dropped instantly dead from the exhaust, then I'd be with the anti-car thing.

The reality is that cars aren't hurting any one, or anything. Their production, combined with their use, combined with deforestation, combined with population density expansion, well, these things ARE a problem.

As it is, even considering how I get around is an intolerable encroachment, not only upon my personal privacy, but open my civil-liberties, as well. THAT'S the central issue for me. THAT'S the thing I'm all riled up about.

Clean up corporate America, then come looking to me to make lifestyle changes. Short of that, I'd gladly take this thing right up to civil-war time, before I allow the continued encroachment upon my personal freedom.

So, yes, I can be critical of a fascist, quasi-religion, using my tax-contribution to write rules telling me how to live my life. Beyond critical, I may even get all war-mongering about it. Enough is enough. You've had your little love-in. Yeah, admittedly we need to manage resources better. All things that have only indirect results for the environment, and all only a problem due to corporate America and the historic handling of the way they market, to the market.

I swear, this whole thing is all over the film franchise, "The Fast and the Furious". Bet. Waring school-age social cliques all registered to vote now, and shit. Gear-head is the new 'jock' and the b-crowd do so love to hate on the jocks!! Well, I'm simply not going to relinquish access to easily one of mankind's greatest inventions 'cause some guy with a kool car stole your girl!

Pardon the interruption, but it's a really nice day out.

I have a little free time, so I think I'll take a walk, maybe ride my bike.

Later, I'll drive my SUV to the building supply store and pick up the materials to complete the frames for the raised garden, and materials for the bathroom I'm refurbishing. And I'll incorporate a few other errands while I'm out: Far West Fiber recycling (a full SUV load), pharmacy, grocery store and bottle return (I'll bring a few of the 200+ paper bags I've saved over the years for re-use and eventual recycling), maybe the liquor store since I haven't had a margarita in a very long time...

By the way, I am very outraged that the necessary precautions weren't taken to anticipate and address the possibility of the BP disaster.

I'm looking forward to driving with the windows open, the breeze in my hair, smiling to fellow drivers and bikers and walkers alike.

The "low-car lifestyle". This is just another form of religion.

Okay, I'll bite, even though I have to postpone my outing a bit.

"The "low-car lifestyle". This is just another form of religion."

Care to explain what that's supposed to mean?

Oops! Sorry, never mind. "The "low-car lifestyle". This is just another form of religion." is in reference to Jack's post...

Now I know I need some fresh air.

The issue isn't biking or other non-car forms of transport. I like to bike and do not like how in my neck of the woods (Aloha) the lack of curbs, bike lanes etc makes biking dangerous.

But some people will need to drive; many of us live (not by choice) too far from work to make biking realistic.

When I read the term "low car", I was thinking I was tapping into a hydrolics fest or some badass lowrider car club website. I yi yi....

The spouse is out today in the Mercedes 550 SL, top down!
That should make the barefoot bicyclers run to the 'bike church'.
So tax gasoline 50 cents a gallon, that should pay for everything!

Spent the past week in Tillamook County. That County must be flat-ass broke, because some of the roads were the worst I've seen this side of New Jersey. You had to weave all over the place to avoid diving into potholes that were easily 18 inches deep! No shoulder to speak of on these roads, but all these dumbass cyclists were pedalling along like they owned the frickin road! These idiots were asking to get run over. I love to bike, but seriously, what are these morons thinking???

"but all these dumbass cyclists were pedalling along like they owned the frickin road!"

They own it as much as any driver does.

"but all these dumbass cyclists were pedalling along like they owned the frickin road!"

They own it as much as any driver does.

And I own the White House as much as anyone does, but can I get away with walking in like I own it?

You might want to brush up on ORS 811, "Rules of the Road". Yes, they apply to everyone - equally.


ORS 814.410 through 814.440 is another place you might want to brush up on.

Thank you, Erik!

I can't wait to edit the pertinent information, make copious copies (tree-killer that I am - oh wait, the paper is already there so I'm not really killing trees...), and distribute them to those lovely folks who believe impeding the flow of traffic is their right. Ya know, those speed limit signs serve as kinda-sorta-maximums, and most certainly minimums.

I had to avoid a totally bike geared out man on a very! pricey bike ON THE SIDEWALK on SW Broadway in front of the Fox tower yesterday am. This a** hole yelled at me to "move over jerk" as he sped past me going north. I guess SW Park street has too many stop signs and SW 5th has too many cars and busses and stop lights for him to ride his bike on the street.
As my mother used to say, "the things you see when you don't have a gun!". I would have settled for something to puncture the tires so he would have had to walk on the side walk.

The comments on this entry make me fear for the future of our once logical race.

Thanks a lot for the link, Jack. I'm a fan of your coverage here and we're hoping to put together resources that are worth referring to.

By the way, The Other White Meat: if this gig is semi-employment, I'd hate to see full employment! If anybody is wondering, I suspect we're one of the more totally transparent nonprofits around, considering that our minutes and budget projections are right on the site at http://portlandafoot.org/board. That'll continue to be the case as long as this hipster is in charge.

Oop, looks like the auto-link picked up my period. Link is http://portlandafoot.org/board .

So I saw the first issue, and it's mostly about riding the bus. It's kind of hard to get worked up about other people riding the bus, unless you're just picking a fight. As a wise comments policy once said:
"The idea of the comments feature is to allow readers to participate in a conversation with us, and with each other. Comments that are overly argumentative, caustic, or insulting do not fit within this description."

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