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Monday, June 21, 2010

Final curtain falls on "Musical High Schools"

Apparently Super Carole won't be closing any high schools this year after all. And so a long, emotional exercise comes to naught.

Oh, but wait... the one thing the drama did do is get Mayor Creepy aroused into action:

"With your decision to delay (the vote)," he said, "I offer you the full participation of the city of Portland... to figure out the best sustainable way forward to make sure every Portland parent can expect their child to walk into any Portland school and walk across the plank with their certificate."

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Excuse me, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

"...to figure out the best sustainable way forward..."

Yikes! Someone has been drinking the Sustainability Koolaid!

There must be some (unwritten) rule that every member of the SamRand Council is required to sneak some form of the word SUSTAINABLE into every proposal, comment, and/or response.

Alas, if only our income was sustainable.

___Ora et Labora___


Plank? What does that even mean? Super creepy. I was at an event where he gave a little speech. Boy-howdy, was he sucking down the wine. And, yeah - sustainable isn't even a real thing. Is just a marketing word/ploy. Everyone knows that nothing about the current human condition on this planet is sustainable.

Most of the time when Sammy speaks I get this feeling that he's back in the 8th grade running for Jr. High president using words that promise everything and in a peculiar way.

Arrrgh! Hoist that babblin' poxy Mayerr from the yardarm 'til 'e comes to 'is senses! Then make 'im walk the plank! Back to the devil wit' ye!

Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Drunken Sailor

Go by Man-o'-War!

What an exasperating contingent of loons.
Speaking of loons, I may soon move to a rural lakeshore in Wisconsin, where people still know how to think.

And where being gay doesn't give you a pass to be a total liar and idiot and get away with it.

Never in life did I expect to think that George W. Bush sounded coherent and intelligent. But compared to Adams he sounded at least as intelligent as Palin. Adams is nowhere near that caliber. Thanks, Portland voters.

The are just two sustainable things in Portland:

1) the steady stream of calculated lies from our elected officials (Ted Wheeler excepted) punctuated with greenwash; and,
2) the continued transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the construction/real estate/government mafia (the Goldie Heirs).

I wonder how much this study and public input cost the taxpayers resulting in nothing being accomplished.

PPS have spent countless resources figuring out what to do many times over.

It's nice busy work and feeds the impression that superintendents and other administrators earn their excessive pay and benefits.

Odd how this rhetoric sounds a lot like planner's speaking about Urban Renewal.

Like this one:
"We will create partnerships with stakeholders to achieve our strategic objectives and mission."

I think this is what over paid bureaucrats do. Pump out the BS and act like they are producing something worth their pay.


Strategic Objectives
By 2005:
•100% of our students will demonstrate significant growth every year toward achieving rigorous system-wide academic expectations.
•100% of our students will continually set ambitious learning goals, persist in pursuing those goals, and demonstrate evidence of progress.
•100% of our students will willingly and regularly contribute to the community.
1.We will create a system-wide culture that reflects an ethic of service, excellence and respect.
2.We will create partnerships with stakeholders to achieve our strategic objectives and mission.
3.We will actively select, support and retain employees who contribute to accomplishing the mission and strategic objectives and who reflect the diversity of our students.
4.We will eliminate the achievement disparity of low income children, children of color, and English Language Learners in relation to District Standards.
5.We will, in partnership with stakeholders, monitor, propose, influence, and negotiate legislation and regulations to support implementation of strategic objectives.
6.We will provide the means and flexibility necessary for each school and department to develop and implement a plan that meets the strategic objectives and holds each accountable for its contribution to meeting those objectives.
7.We will adopt system-wide standards for students' achievement of the strategic objectives and the means to assess them at each school.
Strategic Delimiters

We will not initiate any new program or service unless:
•It is consistent with and contributes to our mission, and
•It is accompanied by a plan to assess its effectiveness relative to achieving our strategic objectives and mission.
We will not enter into any new agreement unless it is consistent with and contributes to our mission.

Afterwards, the school janitors came in and sprayed his chair with disinfectant.

PLEASE tell me they didn't postpone this so that the City could get involved. Please no....

Gov. Ted Kulongoski orders Oregon agencies to cut budgets by 9 percent

Around the state, school leaders say a $240 million loss in state funding will have a significant impact on students, families and staff.

Most school districts have planned to dip into reserves to balance their budgets for next year. News of coming state cuts has prompted some to consider trimming days, staff and programs....Portland Public Schools must cut an additional $19 million from its budget. That represents about 200 teaching positions. The district is expected to propose an initial plan today that could include layoffs.

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