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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

City of Portland continues hawking goods for private parties

Here's another one.

I wonder why they don't ever write a puff piece like that about this blog?

Maybe a reader out there could crank out some free copy for such a come-on.

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"why they don't ever write a puff piece like that about this blog?"

'Cause you don't write things like:

"Why I love Portland City Council and why we need more of it."

I'll get right to work on that. Working title: the softer side of Jack. Should be a big hit!

Promoting some businesses at the expense of others. That's standard ops around here.

Now, the city is pimpin' blueberries.

And city employees say they aren't overpayed ...

You know JB - I'm a lot more ticked off about this than you seem to be. My very first post here was on a similar topic. The City of Portland website at portlandonline.com, and it's partner pages, ought not be in the business of having private-sector stuff on their website. It is so obviously their intent to pick and choose whom may receive this benefit, and they're just as clearly not very fond of the 1st Amendment.

I have the Portlnad Police Bureau IT manager, Jason Ruby, on record stating that in his opinion the City's policy of, now get this, disallowing this practice is based upon speculation about just this very circumstance. Complaints from, and possible legal action from, folks like me, mad that they can't get no love for their site.

My own beef started over something quite a bit different than you've linked here today, but you make a good point. Why ain't JB gettin' no love?!

I'm about the clunkiest, crappiest, writer-guy out there, but you really should peruse my own beef at my site.


The intent of that post was more to chronicle the obligatory run-around I received, but I do state my position at a little more length. Briefly, having any link on the City website generates a ton of traffic. Given that most of us try to sell advertising and sponsorship based upon traffic, it really sucks to have my tax-contribution go, in part, to fund my competition. In fact, in the case of BikePortland.org, he sells advertising too.

My initial inquiries last year revealed that the City has historically been very strict about not allowing private-sector, for-profit, businesses to advertise on their site. They've been just as strict about who get's links because they don't have a policy, or an application even, for this benefit.

Just as I assumed it would, the City website is now exploding with private-sector links, and advertising. Only this benefit is reserved for exclusive use by the Church of Green, and the Church of Multiculturalism/Diversity, and everybody else may kindly get jacked.

I propose we get a few area blogger-types together and scream bloody murder. I have gads of contacts in the local news now, I think we should make a stink about this. You know, still.

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