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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A sensible idea

A smart friend of ours has a good question: When they recently replaced the cable on the OHSU aerial tram [rim shot], what did they do with the old one? He suggested that they should have cut it up and sold pieces of it as souvenirs.

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They would probably spend so much money packaging and marketing, they would probably make less than selling the used cable outright. Actually, they would probably find a way to lose money on each sale.

Hoodoo did that with their old ski lift chairs. Sold them for $100 each, and now you see them as porch swings on homes owned by Baby Boomers hearkening for the Good 'Ol days of double-chair fixed-grip lifts.

Not sure if there is much of a nostalgia market for old Tram cable chunks, but maybe if it came with a 100% Recycled, Totally Green & Sustainable Certificate signed by Mayor Scam Adams it might just work.

Too bad it can't be recycled for the new pedestrian overpass that's now needed to connect neighborhoods, thanks to the tram's construction.

OHSU sold for scrap.

I picked up the cable.

I saw it lying around down there and asked them if they wanted it.

They said if I hauled it away I could have it.

Since the I have been cutting it up and selling it like Jack suggested.
But not as souvenirs. That's stupid.

I'm selling it as pieces of magic linchpin cable that can spur economic development and job creation.
Buyers are getting better jobs, coming into money, making friends in government and mysterioulsy learning new planner

Well that's what I told the city I was doing. he he he

Now the city wants to buy it back from me. The PDC is offering me $2.3 million and a lifetime Tram pass. I told them $2.6 and forget the pass.

The deal is about done. They're forming some nonprofit loan type deal to channel UR money to me.
I asked them if this was going to look bad they started laughing like crazy.

Ben, why does the city want it back? Is it for the cable car line to Council Crest? Sam said cable cars would slow down traffic so that bikers could pass the cars. Makes sense to me.

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