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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new place to go to get pepper-sprayed

If you're tired of hanging with the anarchist hipsters at the Red and Black, you might want to mosey over to the old Saks store in Pioneer Place in downtown Portland. A new H&M store is moving in there, and that Swedish clothing retailer is drawing some serious flak for expanding into Israel. You can expect the picketers any day now. Maybe Officer Humphreys will show up and you can really savor Portland.

Comments (3)

There were picketers already there the other day holding up a "Shame on H&M!" banner. I assumed it was some trade union protesting H&M or the landlord not hiring a union outfit to do the site prep, but maybe it was this instead . . .

Humphreys could be there. To skirt his desk duty restriction, they could set him up a little desk on the sidewalk.

Gah, stupid protestors. So help me if they hold up the opening of H&M....

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