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Monday, May 3, 2010

Your tax dollars at work, cont'd

In addition to buying space on this blog, Portland City Council candidate Jesse Cornett is blowing some of his "clean money" -- taxpayer financing of his campaign -- on some pretty spendy media real estate:

But I still can't help thinking he looks like a BBC comedy show host in that ad.

Anyway, on another front, Kari Chisholm has also built Cornett a pretty slick website, jessecornett.com.

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We had a Cornett volunteer come by over the weekend; first time I've seen a city council candidate venture out here to the Gateway area, except for when Randy first got elected and claimed we were his first priority.

I meant to say, "first time a candidate has paid enough attention to us out here to send people knocking on our doors." Cornett wasn't at my door in person.

I found the website distracting, too much anti-Bill Gates motion going on for my taste. I also think he looks like Kari Chisholm, which is not a compliment.


I enjoy reading the site. It's fun how you sort of make stuff up (in this case "spendy"). Fun stuff. You should know that some folks actually think you do your research and I'm available to you if you'd ever like to get details (though admittedly not if your up obsessing before 6 am).

Anyhow, Michelle -- I live in Lents and previously lived on 118th just S of Halsey go quite familiar with Gateway/Hazelwood and some of the issues the neighborhood is facing. I'm glad one of my people made it by your place.

How much does an online NYT banner ad cost?

Mother of Grod, if any public money was expended on creating that abomination of a site, whichever candidate spent that money should not be allowed near any more, ever. Especially one endorsed by the Realtors (R) -- a truer "may cause bankruptcy" warning if there ever was one.

Who wants to guess whether Jesse Cornett is paying higher CPMs for his ads on NYTimes.com, or bojack.org?

I'm betting NYTimes is way cheaper.

Jack, if you're going to whine about candidates blowing public money on online advertising, shouldn't you reject said public money out of principle?

I agree with George. That website is awful from a graphic design standpoint. Yikes.

Interesting to see that there are still politicians who would be associated with KFC. Cause, uh, he's creepy.

People - The WEB site is a joke - No, really it is a joke.

I hope that comment above from "Jesse Cornett" was not really from the candidate himself. He really comes off as a first-rate a-shole.

Oh, by the way, if it is from candidate Cornett ...

Jesse doesn't seem to be a morning person. I have a feeling you wouldn't be seeing him at any 7 am business association breakfast meetings. He's more of a 6 pm beer-and-bikes kind of guy.

Jesse - it's "you're" not "your"

If Kari Chisholm is not responsible for that abomination of a website, he should sue whoever added links to his own site. Good grief.

Jack is having a little fun with a website that "allows you to make any modern webpage look like it was made by a thirteen year-old in 1996, replete with background music and dancing baby GIFs."

Try it here:


Yes, I made Jesse's website. But not that abomination that Jack linked to -- that's wonder-tonic.com.

The real Jesse Cornett for City Council website is here.

NY Times ad banners are roughly the same cost as those at Jack Bogdanski, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. (Google runs a real-time auction.) Right around one-tenth of a penny each.

And yes, online advertising is increasingly becoming part of the strategic communications mix used by political campaigns. Here's an article from National Journal.

I don't care about the appearance of the man or his website, but writing "your" instead of "you're" kills it for me.

The website I linked to is indeed a joke.

Ads on this blog cost $35 a week, or $140 a week if you want a "high-rise" one such as Cornett's. I doubt that the Times will give you that rate.

Presumably, the Times figures out where its readers are coming from, and targets local ads to them.

that web site is anything but slick .... it's a disservice to his campaign to make something so difficult to read.

People, people -- it's a spoof! It's not his real website! Sheesh.

For the record, I also ran across Cornett's ad on National Review online, but not on The Nation online (but I read the latter less, because they often don't let cheapskates read the whole article gratis.)

Two thoughts:

Oops on the typo. There's no way to go back in and fix those.

Jack: I thought the link to the website was funny and it was humor I appreciated (and at this point in the campaign need).

Two thoughts:

Oops on the typo. There's no way to go back in and fix those.

Jack: I thought the link to the website was funny and it was humor I appreciated (and needed at this point in the campaign).

Maybe it's just me, but Cornett looks like a cross between Adam Sandler and Drew Carey. Not that it matters of course, looks (and brains) not necessarily required for service on the Council.

"Maybe it's just me, but Cornett looks like a cross between Adam Sandler and Drew Carey."

It's completely irrelevant, but to me he looks more like Newman from Seinfeld.


This focus on looks is disturbing. Is this how our pretty mayor and Saltzman got elected? I think I threw up a little in my mouth. We're doomed.

I read a vast cross section of political websites, and to see Mr. Cornett popping up on Lucianne.com is funny. I wonder if the voter milked election types realize they are funneling money to conservative sites. Not big money, but money all the same.

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