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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When the red light camera goes off...

... smile and wave to the boys at Goldman Sachs. This unbelievable factoid is tucked away in a story about red light robo-cops in Florida:

The losing side in the debate contended another motive is in play. Motorist group AAA pointed out a private camera contractor working with West Palm Beach and several other cities, American Traffic Solutions of Arizona, is partly owned by Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs, which gained control of two ATS board seats in 2008.

"It's more about the money than it is traffic safety," said Kevin Bakewell, a vice president with AAA in Tampa who unsuccessfully urged Gov. Charlie Crist to veto the state law.

Those no-good-niks are everywhere.

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I wanted to comment on this prior to fully supporting my assertion. But I read somewhere that our very own cameras in Washington County are provided by third-party contractors that, now get this, get paid by the conviction.

Nah, putting cameras in public places to monitor free-born citizen's won't be any problem at all. They oughta be dynamited. By "dynamited", I of course mean left-alone. Wink.

Gives new meaning to the term: "Red Light District"!

Are you intimating that Goldman Sachs is replete with whores?

I'll neither confirm nor deny any such intimation.

The only solution here is to buy some share of Goldman (NYSE: GS) which are exceptionally cheap right now. Become part of the dog that bites. It works for Neil, Ronnie and their group of usual suspects.

I don't care who is profiting from red light cameras. All I am concerned about is stopping the epodemic of red-light running autos. The situation is out of control and lethal to every driver in Portland.

Safety at all costs? That's how democracies become police states. You voted for Cheney, right?

There was a huge scandal involving private company photo radar misdeeds in FL. I think it was Martin County but I need to ask my contact there.

Tell me it’s not about the money. Take a look here.


Sacks of Gold for Goldman Sachs!

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