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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The great recession: Maybe it isn't all bad

The 2000 master plan was completed in a time of steady economic growth, with the expectation of continued expansion and the need for major Airport improvements. Thus, a process was designed to maintain the viability of the Airport, preserve capacity, evaluate potential environmental impacts, and involve the public in the planning process. At the conclusion of the 2000 master plan, the expectation was that, during the 2010 Master Plan Update, significant Airport expansion would be considered, including a potential third parallel runway and new passenger terminal.

Numerous events since the 2000 master plan was completed, including the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001; the worst economic recession since the great depression of the 1930s; and climate change, have resulted in more modest expectations for the future. The long-range development plan from the 2010 Master Plan Update maintains the viability of the Airport and preserves capacity while providing the flexibility to accommodate the level of activity previously anticipated; however, it also recognizes that a third parallel runway and new terminal are not needed in the foreseeable future.

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At least it will save Broadmoor and Caldwood golf courses. They are actually really green spaces.

I just hope this means they can reduce their gate fees, which last I heard were among the highest in the nation. It's too expensive to fly in and outta here, and we could boost the tourist appeal!

their gate fees, which last I heard were among the highest in the nation

I believe Denver has the highest gate fees.

I do know that PDX's fees are going up, but hardly "highest in the nation". If they were, you'd see a lot of airlines shut down their PDX operations (JetBlue, American, Continential, US Airways) that have just a handful of flights; you'd see Alaska continue to pare down its service; you'd see United shut down their regional hub; and you'd see Southwest and likely Frontier look to move out of PDX and into Salem or Eugene. That leaves United and Delta...and time will tell when those two airlines start scaling back.

If it were true...I would bet that Salem would really be pushing for an airline or two to move south, as they have an empty terminal building just looking for air service.

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