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Monday, May 24, 2010

The few, the proud -- the Bojack bumper sticker

Are you brave enough to display a bumper sticker that identifies you as a reader of this blog? Could be a great way to meet government employees.

To get one, you'll have to pungle up $1.50 to cover snail mail, envelope, etc. Just click here to pay by PayPal:

How many you want?

If you're PayPal-shy, e-mail me here for further instructions.

Our terms of service are simple: that you don't use this item for graffiti or other vandalism.

We got these from an outfit called BuildaSign.com, makers of fine custom vinyl banners. They have provided them without charge, in exchange for a promotional announcement to run on the sidebar of this blog. This may turn out to be a fun moment in the history of this blog, or a really stupid idea. Guess we're going to find out.

(While supplies last. Void where prohibited. Limit 3 per household. Not responsible for traffic stops, sidewalk inspections, "hit squad" targeting, or any other consequences.)

Comments (12)

I'd get one, but I don't put any bumper stickers on my car. The closest I come is static window clings, as they are removable without damaging the car.

Would this fit on a bike frame? :D

These are bike-sized, right?

I was going to offer a bounty for photos of these on streetcars and aerial trams (rimshot!) but I figured that would be considered as inciting inappropriate placements.

Perhaps I'll slap a couple on the streetcar as it rolls by...

I would buy 10, but only if it said: "Bojack for Mayor".

And of course, if you would run.

But alas, I expect a "If nominated, I won't run, if elected, I won't serve" type response.

If "Anybody but Sam" could win, but nobody runs, expect 4 more years...

I'd buy the "Anybody But Adams" bumper sticker.

I would hesitate to slap a Bojack.org bumper sticker on my new(and paid for)Audi TT only to have its tires slashed or its finely buffed German finish scratched by some cowardly-and envious-Sam or Randy minion.

But I would proudly wear a Bojack.org T-shirt. And seriously doubt if I’d get any flack for doing do so-at least not from any mealy-mouthed Portland sham liberal hysteric.

And Jack-I’d like that T-shirt, please, in black with bright red lettering in size 2X extra large(I like wearing my shirts a bit small to show off my pecs).

And in case any of you ladies out there are wondering:

Yes, it’s all muscle and yes I’m tall(equally proportioned too)but I’m also super smart w/an advanced degree from an elite university. I’ve done everything, been everywhere, am a great conversationalist; I speak, write-and listen well!-in a variety of languages, am enormously creative too, etc., etc.(way too much to list here).

And ladies: I’m available! Would love to have a long Memorial Day weekend with one of you.

I’ll whisk you away in my private jet to my Tuscan villa(inherited-I’ve also got great genes)where we will sit on the balcone and watch the sun go down while drinking an old bottle of Antinori Tignanello. And then we'll………??

Did they come wrapped in about seven miles of pallet-wrap? Mine did; those folks are serious about ensuring that the product arrives safely!

"Our terms of service are simple: that you don't use this item for graffiti or other vandalism."

So The men's restroom at city hall is out then?

I unwrapped mine and saw immediately that it was printed upside down and backward.

What is your return policy?

But I would proudly wear a Bojack.org T-shirt.

I second that. Jack, check out cafepress.com...they are set up to create & sell stuff like that.

Already bought mine, so I hope to spread the word down here in the antipodes.

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