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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sad statement

The cutbacks at the Post Office must be taking their toll. We got our ballots, but not our voter's pamphlet, for the current Oregon primary election. I guess we can read the pamphlet here (and here), but it's worrisome indeed that with Oregon now totally reliant on the Post Office to get the basic election materials to the voters, the latter is starting to crumble.

UPDATE, 1:52 p.m.: And so now, of course, Gatsby Wyden wants to spread the program nationwide.

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Myself and another candidate running against Nick Fish did not receive our voter's pamphlet - that has never happened to me before, ever.

Guess we better get with voting on line.

Isn't that part of the plan anyway?

We got our voter's pamphlets but no ballots!

I've never liked vote by mail. Besides not getting my ballot, I always have to wonder if it gets lost in the mail after I send it. Also, I'm sure it allows significant voter fraud - I've seen people "helping" others fill out ballots before.

I prefer the voter's booth.

I guess what is also concerning me is that I paid $300 to be in the voters pamphlet. When I hear people do not receive them when so many voters actually use this to fill out their ballots. I was told by Multnomah Co. elections that the problem was with the Secretary of State's office, not the post office.

I don't see any problem with dropping mail delivery from 6 days per week to as low as 4 days per week. Hopefully, the Postal Service could cut back on its costs this way.

It really depends on who your individual mailman is. If you get a relief person instead of a regular your mail has a good chance of getting messed up. That happened to me a while back. Unfortunately it is really difficult to complain. Many years ago I sent a letter regarding poor service to Wyden’s office and got a letter back from an assistant postmaster somewhere. It really didn’t help. If your branch post office is the Hollywood branch next to the Rhinelander then like me you are screwed. That branch is the worst in Portland for service and accountability. I do have a good carrier though and he does a great job. As long as he is not on vacation or sick I get great mail delivery service. As a matter of fact I changed my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican just before the deadline and got the Democrat ballot and a couple of days later received the Republican Ballot. I did get my voter’s pamphlet about three weeks ago.

Thanks for the link to voter pamphlet Jack. I was going to try and find it this evening when I sat down to fill out the ballot.

I got my ballot, but no Voters Pamphlet.

"And so now, of course, Gatsby Wyden wants to spread the program nationwide."

So what are the odds of doing intiatives by mail? (Please no mention of snowballs.)

Secretary of States's office? Blame the printer. Always blame the printer.

Got my voters pamplet, but no ballot...but then we live in Clackamas County...and we all know what happened there...

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