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Monday, May 24, 2010

Portland "spring"

The last few weeks make one wonder: Will the furnace still be coming on on Fourth of July?

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Hope not. Been loving this weather. After a very warm Jan / Feb, it's nice to see a cool May.

On the 4th, maybe; but not after that. Summer starts on the 5th.

Sheesh...how long have you lived here, Jack?

You must wait at least until after Rose Festival.

At least it keeps my water bill down. I wish I had a cistern but my lot is too small for that. There was enough water that last week to water my lawn and wash my car through the whole summer.

As one of my relatives used to say, Portland has two seasons - Fall and Winter.

Ever since I can remember, the nice weather doesn't begin till a day after they pack up all the rides downtown.

That way, the city can hand out lucrative landscaping contracts to their buddies in order to repair the damage to the grass.

It's global warming Jack -

Pat, I used to hear it as, Portland has two seasons - the rainy season and August.

Normally by now I've put away the sweaters and brought the short-sleeve polos.
Remember though that Christmas day was about 60 degrees and sunny...

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