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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just flew in from Alaska...

... and man, my arms are tired.

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Nobody gets in-flight meals anymore.

Alaska, Hummmmmm. It's really none of my business Jack, but were you up there to meet with Caribou Barbie and the First Dude to advise them about their tax situation, or to interview for a possible cabinet position when (God help us all) she gets elected?

Caribou Barbie doesn't really live here anymore. Also, it's been warmer here than in Portland lately, and our coastline isn't covered in oil like the lower 48's, so HUSHUPNOW!

I was on the Kenai Peninsula last week. It was the first time in quite a few years I had seen an Arctic Tern. Amazing creatures. Winged Migration, which documents much of what the story talks about, is a movie worth owning.


Most likely the reason the Arctic Tern returned is that it doesn't feel threatened now that the Caribou Dingbat no longer lives up there in the beautiful country you where you live.

Bar tailed nitwit I say. Sounds like the last flight I had to Anchorage via Alaska Airlines. No food, no beer just sheer discomfort...

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