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Friday, May 7, 2010

John Tripp: RIP

Our buddy who used to blog as TRP has let his blog lapse, but he still writes on Facebook from time to time. Late last night he posted an entry there that's worth a wider readership than just his social media friends. We hope he won't mind our reprinting it here:

John Tripp, a longtime colleague, passed away from cancer this afternoon. He battled hard and gracefully for years.

John was a fantastic science teacher -- so kind, so unflappable, always working with kids, always wearing his onmipresent smile. I can only imagine the calming influence he had on students who may have had a fear of the subject matter... anxiety in his presence felt unnatural. He was loved by colleagues, students--everyone. He was the kind of guy nobody could possibly have any kind of problem with.

He was a tremendous guitarist as well, accompanying me at least 4 times in EHS talent shows. My best memories of John will be staying in his room into the early evening as talent shows approached, practicing. We'd talk to each other about possible songs to perform every year, bouncing ideas off of each other. He'd play his choices (he was partial to Bruce Cockburn), I'd ask him if he knew a few songs... and, ultimately, I'd email him links to chords for a couple songs, and he'd pick one, which we would rehearse for a couple days after school before the talent show. He never tried to take center stage, but he was on there quite frequently, accompanying anyone who would ask.

He wasn't old enough to go, but I'm not sure a guy of his caliber ever would be. The world is a less gentle place tonight.

He leaves his family, countless grateful students, and at least one sad English teacher who will think of him when he sings along to "Rocky Raccoon." RIP, John.

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. .The world is a less gentle place tonight.

Sorry for the loss.

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