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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jesse, I can easily change my mind about you

It seems that Portland City Council hopeful Jesse Cornett tried to pull off an Al Gore "I invented the internet" on his role regarding a legislative bill to diversify college athletics in Oregon. Which he followed with a Clintonesque "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is" defense.

The whole hilarious episode is recounted here -- and promptly picked up by the Saltzman partisans over here. To them, it appears that puffing one's progressive credentials is as wicked as funneling a half-million tax dollars to your girlfriend's company. We see a substantial difference.

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It is interesting to note that Mr.Cornett is playing with semantics with this issue. The fastest thing that turns me off is when a viable candidate makes a mistake and then tries to cover up the mistake. I do not like Dan Saltzman very much but after reading the two articles about Mr. Cornett's faux pas I will vote for Mr. Saltzman over Mr. Cornett. Also, I will make sure to tell other family members about this issue. Maybe, Mr. Cornett should learn not to play fast and loose with the facts. Finally, Mr. Cornett should remember when one person does not like something (product, or in this case a candidate) they usually will tell 10 other people about this indiscretion and it usually snowballs from there !

Tom, there is another choice, me, Mary Volm. I have an intricate knowledge of the city, have created and produced cost-effective solutions to some if the city's biggest challenges, hands down have shined against the two you mentioned at public forums and debates, am fiscally conservative and a leader with integrity. After dealing with local to international media for the last 28 years (20 - city; 4- State, 4-OMSI) I have survived the toughest questions and haves lasted this long because I'm honest, direct and open.

Most important here, Bojack endorsed me.

Please check out my website. www.maryforpdx.com

And there's a meet and greet organized by a Bojack fan this Friday, 6pm at Origional Joes's, NE 102nd& Halsey, just off I-84 at Gateway. Come with your best questions. All invited!


Thank you for the information. I will definitely check out your website (www.maryforpdx.com ) and the information in the Oregon Voter's pamphlet ! Thanks for the
quick response !

Mary Volm will, I believe, bring honor and transparency to the Portland City Council. Saltzman has been there too long and it's time for a change. Mary's vast experience and knowledge of this city and it's workings will be a significant asset to this city. Saltzman revealed himself just a little with the 600K he gave to his girlfriends charity then back-pedaled about how he should have done it. Saltzman is owned by the big developers. As an engineer he can work for them. Please elect mary Volm.

Sorry Mike- IPhone- original, my bad.

God, both Saltzman and Cornett are a pair of a**es bending themselves in circles to prove how politically correct they are.

I miss the old days when City Council would kill a day making a statement about our presence in Iraq. Oh, we're still there?

Every politician in this city treats the voters like they are idiots with all the crap they can pull and get away with.

"But sometimes cyclists are a danger to themselves...."

I miss the old days when City Council would kill a day making a statement about our presence in Iraq. Oh, we're still there?

But they like the guy running the show now, so its all cool.

And so the dominoes begin to crack and fall, one by one, hastened by lies, cover-ups, retractions, and rhetoric. Only one remains standing, by virtue of her integrity and intelligence. Mary Volm stands tall and strong, the only City Commissioner, Seat 3 candidate who should be considered for this important position. If you care at all about Portland, Mary Volm is the only one who knows how to take care of business and get our City of Roses back on track. Vote for Mary Volm.

Is this the same Portland Observer that "reported" in the same article that:

[Cornett] has worked a decade as Portland State University’s director of government relations, and made two unsuccessful bids for the state Senate from southeast Portland.

Not very good listening skills, I'd say.

(Full disclosure: My firm built Jesse Cornett's campaign website. I speak only for myself.)

Full disclosure:

You sound just like Jesse

You look just like Jesse

Me thinks you may just be Jesse

I'd be interested if there was any ISP, um, similarities between some of these posts touting certain candidates. They give off the strong odor of sockpuppetry.

If you care at all about Portland, Mary Volm is the only one who knows how to take care of business and get our City of Roses back on track.

Normal people--i.e., people who are not running for office--don't talk like that. Candidates talk like that.

It's this kind of thing that makes me call aspirant politicians "weasely bastards."

If you actually did the work, then you can claim credit. If you were just kind of there until the door on the bandwagon (bandstreetcar?) was about to close, and slipped through at the last second in order to claim how righteous and progressive you are in an election a couple months later, then you are a weasely bastard.

There's no way I vote for Dan the Big Pipe Legend, but the alternatives just got a bit more hazy. Time to crack open the voters' pamphlet I guess.

Your wrong Fred, weasely bastard is one of the main qualifications for holding office in Portland. I am voting for my Terrier, he is pedigreed. He will work for bones, won't steal a cent and is housebroke, unlike your leading candidates. Also, unlike the others, he won't piss on those that vote for him, but like the other candidates, he's been neutered. Wake up Portland, we need jobs not politics. Professional politicians, City Hall lifers all crawled out of the same hole, their business plan follows the Barcelona model, that's a fact. They don't even know enough to invent a good cover lie. And if you are going to Mary's coffee clatch you better take the street car - or else.

There you see, people like Tom Krausse (see above comment) are the problem with P-town, He doesn't like Saltzman but will vote for him anyway. Holly crap man, vote for anyone but the totally screwed up incumbent!

My name is Martha, first time on here. I am an unemployed hot dog vendor wit a degree from McDonalds. I have spent my whole life as a public employee and need a big boost in my PERS, so vote for me. I would also like to get even with those other thieves for cutting me out of the booty train. If you can afford it, come to my party.

S***. The ballot sits in the drawer, I am only interested in voting for the most likely winner against Saltzman, and I have the sense that Cornett has a better chance. Where are the polls to compare Mary against Jesse?

I watched Jesse in action at an Everyday people meeting last night and here was my take. Fairly honest. Fairly prudent. Fairly forthright. Fairly good grasp of the issues. Fairly steady. Fairly realistic. Not a pushover. Definitely not arrogant, and also not terrifically persuasive. Definitely might make a reasonable elected official given some time.

Bottom line, I think either is a reasonable candidate and MUCH preferable to Saltzman. How do I figure out who has the better chance? believe me, if Mary can show she's ahead, I'll switch my vote as fast as a grasshopper in a brush fire.

I know you worked hard on both recalls of our current mayor, and Jesse has publically supported Sam. That's replacing Dan with the same third vote on council. I would think you might vote for someone who has shown she can and will stand up to the current mayor.


"Not very good listening skills" indeed. The voters told him no twice (SE at least). What part of that does Jesse not understand? How much more public $$$ needs to be wasted before your candidate gets the clue?

With 8 people in the race I have to ask why you think a professional politician is what we need again? The crowd I run with is voting for someone with many years of business experience in construction and engineering, Michael Courtney. Sure the news rags don't give him the time of day, he isn't a bleeding socialist. Why do we think we need another clone from the same gene pool. Those guys pushed for more tax and spend, so it is their fault they are unemployed. They have lived off the public dole all their lives, how could you imagine them to be any different from the folks that raised them. I am a business owner in Oregon and Washington and I like Mike for the post. He isn't a used car salesman, but when you ask the folks that have worked with or for him, he gets the job done.

Phil--I understand where Tom is coming from. Unfortunately, voting is often less "Who do I like for the position?" and more "Who of the candidates do I dislike the least for the position?" I try to vote strategically for the candidate with whom I have at least a slight agreement AND whom I feel has the best chance of winning, although being a conservative voter, I rarely find that combination around here.

Mary, "publically?"

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Aren't you a communications professional?!

Who gives a crap whether publicly or publically. The only people who deserve flak for failure to copy edit are professional writers.

When did Jesse publically or publicly support Sam? He stayed very quiet, any time the topic arose in person. Is Jesse another person who thinks the mayor is a disgrace but finds it politically inexpedient to air his views?

What a herd of drones, wiping honey off the queen bee.

What does Jesse think of stopping or putting on hold the Milwaukie Lightrail and returning the $1.4 Billion taxpayer dollars, or at least the states and city's portion equaling $560 Million?

That amount would go a long way in helping fund our depleted basic services for streets, schools, fire and police.

Any other candidates in any race that wants to speak out, please do so. Let's get off the platitudes and down to specifics. We are in dire times.

Thanks for asking, Jerry. I have been following here, but didn't feel invited to the party. It seems that being unemployed is somehow an advantage in the race. My engineering position has been overwhelming this past month and has consumed a great deal of my time and resources. But, on the other hand, I am a part of the business community and understand investment, fiscal accountability and ROI. I am also the only candidate that saw the impacts of measure 66 & 67 and the 169 new fees (taxes by any other word) and stood against them. My company is behind MY efforts and understands that I will have to leave if I am successful in my bid for office. I am Michael Courtney, one of those candidates running for Portland City Commissioner. Since I am not one of the political insiders, it has been a task to get my message out. It almost seems the outcome is predetermined.

I am pretty much along the same lines as Alley, we speak the same language and hold much the same views. I believe that Portland would have been much better off listening to it's taxpaying citizens than telling us what was best for us. How many times did we say NO to the Lite Crime Rail? That is still my answer for many of our grand adventures and developer bailouts. Looking at the cost of the Rapid Transit program running in LA, using CNG buses, light rail makes no sense. Rapid Transit could also answer many of our problems, including the Columbia Crossing. For what it has cost us to talk about it we could have implemented a solution and be presently enjoying its advantages. Agreeing with Portland cost a Vancouver mayor his job. At least there is some good sense nearby.

The council meetings I sit in on and the reports I read from their projects rarely make sense in a business world. The boast is about the feel good and happiness, how much money they gathered (big is important) and then let's move right along to the next big deal. What happened to Basic Services? Our infrastructure is collapsing, but they can't resist the next shiny toy.

My first objective in seeking election is to initiate a moratorium on anything beyond basic municipal services until we can come up with an agreement about public accountability and running our city on credit cards. Although Greece has hit the headlines, here in the States we are also beginning to see rolling municipal failure due to unbridled indebtedness.

Portland has more than enough revenue, it just spends it like drunken sailors (no offense to the Navy, but you know what I mean). Looking at the books it appears that we will end up spending about $1 million per bed on the RAC center to serve about 90 people. We have become the Mecca of the professionally homeless of America. Our hurting citizens cannot compete with the professionals and a single mother isn't going to share a bed with transients. We are in the top 5 in homelessness, hunger, unemployment and worst schools. The worst part of that is how much we pay for it.

Portland needs a new face and a new plan. A plan with comprehensive planning, community consensus, results oriented programs and an accountable ROI that is compatible with our vision for our future. I am Mike and I have a calculator. I read Jack's blog every day or you can contact me at my web site http://WWW.michaelcourtneygroup.Com/index.php I would love to meet you and maybe have coffee and a long talk. Thanks.

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