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Friday, April 30, 2010

Zinger of the Day

The most unintentionally hilarious coaching search in college basketball happened at Oregon, where the Ducks offered everyone this side of 99-year-old John Wooden the job before finally hiring Creighton's Dana Altman, and the funniest part may be, as SI.com's George Schroeder writes, that they ended up with a terrific coach anyway.

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No disclosure at the end of that column that Schroeder is the carpet bagger at the Register-Guard who was poo-pooing Ernie Kent in his RG columns, an overall winning coach with a slump the last couple of years, as unable to take the Ducks to the 'next level that the Matthew Knight arena demands'. Now Schroeder is going lovey-dovey over Altman, an overall winning coach with several less than stellar recent seasons.

Schroeder's columns generally are pretty poor, show a lack of local knowledge combined with a know it all attitude as if he's been living in Eugene for years.

No doubt if Oregon does well next year, it's all be Altman's credit but if they stink again, it'll be Kent's blame 'because Altman needs to rebuild the program'.

So when we stack up the research grant money Oregon has against Washington who wins? Oh well I guess B-ball is more important. Entertainment for all and jobs for a few.

Well, if they had offered it to Wooden, he would have declined. He has too much integrity to work for the corrupt UO athletic department.

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