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Friday, April 30, 2010

You can look inside another world

We've previously reported some soft-core election porn that arrived in our snail mail recently. But with the ballots about to be circulated, the more explicit stuff has started to show up:

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Well, there's a lot of Myriad Pro used in the right side of the piece … so it is stylish.

I love this line:

We must provide for the safety of our communities that lack adequate police protection, and closely guard public safety for our economic development, environmental sustainability and recreational opportunities.

Classic Portland.

Well, that's … nice. I suppose.

I guess he's also in favor of kittens and puppies as well.

I'm waiting to see if he's in favor of unicorns and glitter. That's what it'll take to get my vote.

. . . closely guard public safety for our economic development, environmental sustainability and recreational opportunities.

Is that code for "I've made a deal with Randy Leonard, and the Sheriff's office will now guard the reservoirs"?

Election porn?

Still, nothing like the election porn going on in the UK.

Where, according to the Economist, there is a very real possibility that the country(likely mostly its female voters)will soon elect its first “hung” parliament since 1974(odd-since British men are generally thought to have been smaller a generation ago).

This brings to mind a joke about Margaret Thatcher taking her cabinet out to dinner.

“Steak or fish?” the waiter asked.

“Steak, of course.” Thatcher snapped.

“And for the vegetables?” asked the waiter.

“They’ll have steak as well.” Thatcher replied.

The face does it for me. Puffy. Self-satisfied. Mildly cloying. Slightly smirky. Never will vote for a face with an expression on it that reminds me of a car salesman, the "I'm just here to make good with y'all. Nothing in it for me, y'understand," sort of expression.

I know you are never supposed to judge a book by its cover. But when the cover has a certain well-worn look, it sure is hard not to

On the other hand, I am hopeful that Jesse Cornutt will dislodge the crusty limpet from his rock on city council. And check him out- I scent no car salesman odor to the photo.

You can't judge a book by its cover. To me Jesse chose a photo that makes him look like a BBC comedy show host. But really -- they're just photos.

And then I went into Cornett's website and ...on the third paragraph, HORRIBLE grammar error, mixing plurals and singulars, very grating.

The ballot is unopened, and I am voting for Cornett at this point because I think he has a better chance than anyone else. And I've met him and we have shaken hands. After the Adams fiasco, this has become a prerequisite for me to vote for any local politician. Although I'm not sure there is enough Purelle in the world for such activity.

I've always wanted one of The Two Ronnies on Portland City Council.

I'm votin' Jesse.

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