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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's wrong with sports journalism today

Our business now, too many times, is a fat kid in a T-shirt in his mother's basement, eating Cheetos and writing his blogs -- and we make it news.
The whole thing is here. [Via techdirt.]

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Yeah, and let me tell you about Dale Hansen. Mr. Hansen has made quite the career for the last twenty-odd years off being Jerry Jones's rentboy, er, I mean, "defender". He's become addicted to the perks of close access to the Cowboys and further addicted to the assumption that he's a fixture in Dallas journalism, and he goes ballistic any time Jones goes out drunk in public and makes a bigger fool of himself than usual. He'll jam his tongue so far up Jones's butt that Jerry gets calluses on the backs of his eyeballs, Jerry will realize that somebody loves him after all, and they'll go back to proving that Texas isn't as intolerant of same-sex marriages as you might think.

Sorry, but the only thing funnier than listening to Belo Corp cry about its declining profitability is when it shovels money at this ass because continues to convince his bosses that endless Cowboys sycophancy is "important". Dale Hansen is the Jay Leno of Dallas journalism, and considering some of the ambulatory offal that remain employed in this town, I really can't get lower than that.

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