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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warm weather brings Welches con man back out of woodwork

An alert reader writes:

The infamous Welches con man is practicing his trade again. He was in front of the Laurelhurst Theater on Burnside at 6:15 Sunday night April 18. Same old tricks, his car was stolen and he needs cab fare. Starts off by saying "Have you heard of Welches," then flashes 30 bucks and shows his car keys and says he only needs $15 more to get a cab to Welches. When I told him I saw him on a KGW-TV news report over a year ago, he kind of frowns. I said sorry, but I know about your scam. I went home and pulled his picture from the internet stories under "Welches con man" -- its him.
His name is David Wilson. If he gives you his spiel, please take his photo with your cell phone and send it to us. Our last images of the guy are probably getting out of date.

One of these days, I hope we have a mug shot to use.

Comments (10)

Ran into him last week, about Wednesday night, at NW 11th and Couch, across the street from Powells.

Recognized him from the pictures I've seen all over, including here. He has not changed a whit; he almost has the exact same four-day growth of beard.

Started by asking us if "we'd ever heard of Welches".

Yes, fool, I've heard of Welches. I've lived here all my life.

You gotta admire his persistence.

He's a sleazy little con man, but in the whole scheme of things, he doesn't come close to the economic enormity of certain people named Paulson, among others.

Overheard a Hollywood FM employee saying he fell for the con.

A reader writes:

"David from Welches" is back!!! He got me in Hollywood yesterday.

Maybe there's business opportunity here... Selling T-shirts that say "Ive been Welched, have you?" ... to be worn by all people who've had an encounter with this David guy... it can be sort of an exclusive club and might even make this David guy an errant celebrity of sorts.. its not like he's pulling a weapon on anybody and considering that the folks at Goldman Sachs will most likely just get a fine to be paid with the money from TARP, Dave's antics really are harmless....

He got me!!! At 37th & Sandy. I feel like such an idiot, but at least I'm not the only one. I'd buy a shirt, but not if it's got his dumb face on it.

Do you all know what the term "welch" means? I'd say it fits as he claims he will pay back the money he gets people to give him...


"To welch basically means to trick or deceive someone by not making a payment on a bet...."

Since the con is getting so famous now, maybe its time for him to pick another City. What about great places like Sandy, St. Helens or Scappose! All far enough away, yet not likely to get the "You're the Welches Con man" reaction. Just a suggestion.

he got me for $50 last wednesday.
sw 10th and yamhill.
told me he needed $37 but i only had a $50 bill, so i gave it to him.
he told me i would not be disappointed!
i have been waiting for him to send me a check.
i guess i can stop waiting now.
wish i would have googled stolen truck welches before i game him the money.
one day someone will catch up to him and teach him a lesson about lying and stealing, i hope!

This dirtbag tried his antics on a group of us last night. He sure didn't fancy me getting in face and calling him out on Broadway. One more round and I might have gave him a forearm shiver or good old fashion haymaker for all you who fell pray to this bearded weasel. Tip of the ole' topper to Jack for exposing the "Welcher"!

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