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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Volcanoes in Iceland? Who knew?

So now we do.

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I think we knew that because of all the geothermal power they enjoy ... comes at a price, like all good things.

After experiencing the ash "snowfall" in eastern Washington after Mt. St. Helens, I understand why the jet engines will not operate. It is nasty stuff to inhale even masked up,and it gets everywhere until it rains. Hate to be stranded in Europe, they could be there for a while.

Iceland is mostly volcanic. It sits atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a geomorphologically active location. During the late '60s, the creation of the island of Surtsey, now the southernmost part of Iceland, provided spectacular images of fiery real estate construction, as well as a distraction from the napalm explosions in SE Asia:

I think I remember from grade school that it was called the land of fire and ice for just that reason. However, we all know that it's global warming that is the real cause - just ask Uncle Al.

Yeah, "The Land of Fire and Ice." Thought everybody knew that...

two votes for global warming

Um, errr, global warming? Maybe the volcanoes add to some degree, but normally, extensive, long-lived particulates in the atmosphere tends to decrease temperatures, except as noted below and if you mean that global warming is responsible, look again!


The process operates as follows. Global warming upsets thermal oceanic gradient layers altering the long-standing course, depth and speed of ocean currents. Shifting currents reposition the crushing mass of mile-high water columns directing their enormous pressures on previously stable tectonic joints until the stresses of colliding plates below are relieved by sudden shifts (aka subductions or earthquakes) like those that occurred earlier this year off the coast of Chile and in 2004 off the coast of Indonesia. The eruption in Iceland is the most recent manifestation of the same on a smaller scale.

So please, go by streetcar or ride your bike; you too can prevent the trauma, death and disruption of earthquakes and eruptions. If you don’t believe me, just ask Al.

Thanks...I'll just stick with my Pacific Decadel Oscillation position.

Sigh! Now I've heard it all!

Links, please?

There's some really great cinema that's come out of Iceland over the past couple of decades, with excellent location shooting. Check it out. Like "Children of Nature" and "Cold Fever."

Then there's outdoor adventure flicks filmed there like "Dream Result" (feat. music by Portland's own TapWaterMusic).

"Dream Result" Trailer: http://nextadventure.net/events/dream-results-premiere-with-music-by-portlands-own-tapwater

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