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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tualatin "urban renewal" coming back to life

We noted recently that the City of Tualatin had canned its "urban renewal" program. Apparently a smaller version of the program has been drawn up -- one that will not need approval from as many agencies whose budgets are being raided -- and is set to be voted on Monday.

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Maybe this is acceptable, but the $18 Million debt to the taxpayers and maybe the 25 plus years of finally getting pay back (and that is a maybe too) surely is getting around the citizen's input on urban renewal. The concerned citizens of Tualatin should show up Monday with a referendum petition to put it on the ballot if Council doesn't listen. It doesn't take that many signatures to put this kind of measure on the ballot.

Remember: Developer weasels never quit!

weasels is the right word....works for who we have in Lake Oswego....

Stay tuned.

The City Council Meeting on Monday night will be productive.

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