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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Those aren't pennies on the tracks

The things you learn when you start following the City of Portland's contracting practices. Did you know that the city owns not only Union Station, but also the tracks at the station? And although the tracks are leased out to the railroads, apparently the city still has responsibility for inspecting them.

It is thus that we find the city going out for bid once again for an outside track inspector. Over the past decade, it appears that firms named Michael L. Webb, Inc. and HDR Engineering, Inc. have been doing the honors. Who's next?

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Federal Railroad Administration(FRA) rules require twice weekly inspections of tracks utilized for passenger occupied train movements.
Due to the fact the the City (PDC) owns Union Station and the related trackage, the City is required to have said inspections performed. All expenses related to the track inspections is reimbursed by Amtrak and the freight railroads.

Sell the station! NOW!

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