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Friday, April 9, 2010

Thieves attacking Pearl District condo bunkers

An alert reader writes:

Not sure if you've heard anything about this yet, but there's a rash of NW burglaries. In the Irving Street Lofts, a well-dressed, hip young couple forced their way into the lobby, tried to go up the elevator (but couldn't without a fob), broke into the package room (taking an envelope), then stole the outgoing U.S. mail. Well-dressed -- they looked like they belonged at Lizard Lounge across the street. The Pacifica building was also hit, as was the Streetcar Lofts, but I don't know how seriously. I'm guessing there are more. Anyway, fun stuff that I didn't see on my news feed.

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first heard of this here:
i don't know why, but i find this hilarious. maybe cos rich people arent used to being victims of such gritty crimes, especially when they hole themselves up in an ivory tower.
but yes, i've been robbed many times and it sucks.

i don't know why, but i find this hilarious.

Schadenfreude. It's fairly common. Not so much something to brag about.

neither is trying to come off like a superior d****e.

A Clockwork Orange?

Even before it was an epidemic KPTV was hyping the first break-in at a tower like it was the crime of the year. Welcome to the big city, folks! a shot of reality all around.

It's ironic (but understandable) that well-to-do neighborhoods are bigger targets than for instance my neighborhood right off of Alberta, on the less-gentrified end, where a fair number of sketchy people live. Thieves assume that we don't have good stuff, because we mostly don't. It's where the better-off gather to supposedly distance themselves that the create a rich pool of targets for crooks. Unavoidable i suppose.

I'm also struck by how much more vulnerable classic large-lot suburban homes are, where again, some people move to get away from the vagaries of the city. Someone trying to get into our house on its 4k s.f. lot is much more likely to be spotted by neighbors or passersby. Not denigrating suburban living. We've considered it ourselves. But the security disadvantage has always struck me.

Being robbed does suck huge. And having someone take your mail for identity theft can be much worse than losing a bit of personal property.

I was wondering how to find out about crime in a certain area and stumbled across this website: http://portland.everyblock.com/crime/locations/zipcodes/97209/

Zip code 97209 is the Pearl District.

Didn't find the one discussed in this entry, though.

Portlandmaps.com has a statistical overlay for crime by neighborhood.

What a pathetic looser to find it "hilarious" that someone was robbed, regardless of their financially status. For the record not all people who live in the pearl are "rich".

db - Showing my ignorance here, but what's a d****e? I thought my time as a bridge paint inspector had exposed me to most of the joys of English profanity, but I missed that one. (I'm sure it's obvious & I'll have egg on face, but fire away with hints for the borderline senile, please.)


Let's just say Mr. B. took the pain out of the word in the original post. It's now "ouch" less...

"It's now "ouch" less..."

...and "bag" less as well.

Whatever that means.

This is nothing new. I worked for a PM company when most of the North end was built and worked in many of the condos in that neighborhood including two of those listed in this story. This was back in the boom days when one could simply buy a unit during construction and flip it the day after completion for a tidy profit. Even then crimes of this kind weren't at all uncommon. Typically bicycle thefts, car prowls in the garages and mail thefts although unit break ins and interpersonal violence occurred as well.

I have not looked at the more recent data but normally of all the neighborhoods in the city the Pearl District ranks third highest in crime after the industrial northwest and Lloyd District.

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