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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They do respect her, but

So much wisdom can be gained by keeping abreast of the tax laws. Are Pringles potato chips? The tax law said no, but then changed its mind. And today we learn that pole dancing is not art.

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Because its learned from other dancers or the internet it's not dance? And it's not carefully arranged and practiced? I'd like to see them or there wives try it!

"The panel also held that Nite Moves' constitutional free speech and due process claims fail because the state is attempting to apply taxes to Nite Moves' sales in the same way it would apply taxes to other places of amusement, not just those in which women dance in the nude." [law.com]

The Oregon Lottery is supposed to be played only for "amusement." If we had a sales tax would each dollar dropped into an amusement device be treated as a sale subject to the sales tax? The players will insist that playing the game right is an "art."

Are NY Lottery Ticket sales exempt from the sales tax?

I heard that pole dancing was a 'sport'. One for which practitioners were applying for Olympic recognition.

For my part, I haven't been able to discern the difference between a pole dance and a lithuanian dance. Or even a moldovan dance.

I disagree, I totally believe it is as much a form of art as any other 'art' form. In fact, it is one of the FEW forms of art that I have no problem finding much appreciation in. It is the ONLY form of art that I've ever tipped.

Sitting on the steps of St. Patricks Cathedral, NYC, I was people watching while waiting for a friend when a "pedicab" wheeled by with a pole in tow and a scantily clad dancer performing. If that wasn't mobile performance art (in a very odd setting) then I guess I don't know it when I see it.

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