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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The way the camera follows us in slo-mo

That sci-fi course I took in college is definitely helping me understand current events 35 years later.

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Reminds of what I read in Wilt Chamberlain's autobiography... He used to speed down the turnpike (okay, whatever the toll roads are called back east) and at each toll-booth, he would quickly pay his toll before the ticket agent could calculate his speed by looking at his timestamps. He said he would average over 90mph between booths, in a think he said it was a Bentley.

Great, now just wait for our idiot "leaders" in Salem to get wind of this technology...

Big Brother

Some American car rental companies starting doing this with GPS five or 10 years ago. They didn't issue a ticket, of course, but they tacked on a fee for any renter caught exceeding the speed limit on average between two points.

I haven't heard much about it recently, presumably because it wasn't good for repeat business.

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