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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sick reaches a new depth

We blogged a while back about a lawsuit involving alleged spying by a school district on its students by means of free laptops that the district had supplied to them. Apparently, it's for real, and the details just get uglier and uglier.

If our society had any common sense, somebody would be facing serious criminal charges over this.

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"If our society had any common sense"
~~>Your kidding right?

"Robbins and his parents say they learned of the technology Nov. 11 when a Harriton assistant principal confronted the teen with an image collected by the tracking software.

Robbins has said one image showed him with a handful of Mike and Ike candies - which the administrator thought were illegal pills."

? your point "ws"?

Holy moly Rocky. How creepy. And I thought it was bad when I learned our administrators could watch the school's security cameras from home - or wherever they had an Internet connection. At least school is a public place.

Boy, now all the paranoid crazies who believe the video poker machines can watch you (and believe it or not, there's more than one or two who do!) will have a field day.

Of course video poker machines can watch you. You didn't know that?

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