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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Score one for the O, and for Wheeler

The newspaper's exposé of travel and entertainment excesses at Ted Wheeler's new shop as state treasurer makes it easy for him to look good on that issue.

Government officials getting all buddy-buddy with the Wall Street weaselry is going to be the downfall of this country. See you at PGE Park.

Comments (4)

How often is this implied by government officials supposedly looking out out for the well being of the people?

"If I look the other way, will you remember me when you have an opening?"

So, none of the purveyors of these great investments know how to travel to Salem??

What's a "PGE Park"?

"I swoon for Ted"- that's a good bumper sticker message. Then when he and Michelle Obama share a ticket to the presidency on down the road, we can have stickers that say "I swoon for Michelle and Ted."

If it turns out he paid a staffer to pretend to be the father of his baby, the cave in the hills that has been calling me these many years will become my permanent residence.

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