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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saint Godwin, pray for us

The pedophile enablers in the Vatican really need to invest in a high-speed internet hookup.

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I thought the German Pope Benedict denied that Jews were killed. Happy Easter.

He only wore that Nazi uniform because they made him. The guy's been a victim all his life.

Jack, have you seen the current marketing effort by the Catholic church to regain membership? When I was visting the midwest late last fall, the ads were running quite heavily.. I think its called "Catholics Come Home"... I havent seen it aired out here but I don't want watch much TV either.. back there at my relatives homes, the TV is on pretty much every waking hour. I'm curious how successful their efforts are with all that's coming out...

Sometimes I think there is a seperate, more behind the scenes campaign out there to destroy the Catholic church. As we saw with the Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker incident, the other big name churches of that religious affiliation (Evangelical) were chomping at the bit to get his followers onto their list of donors. Arent the Evangelicals gaining members from the scandal of the Catholic church? New members equals bigger donations and power to influence the political system even more than they have so far. Will these new mega churches become the new union halls, wielding the same power that labor unions once did, as they grow their memberships whichever way they can?

What scandals are out there that haven't been made public about the other big name religions? Although I certainly don't condone the revelations coming out in the past few decades about the Catholic church and their priests, I cant help but think each denomination has its skeletons that are just as worthy as the headlines that the Catholic church has been getting.

When I worked at a domestic relations law firm many years ago, I was amazed at the number of families involved in incestuos relationships. Is incest the next taboo to make the front pages? And is that going to hit home with the other high profile religions.

Although I left the Catholic church many years ago, I can't dismiss it totally from my life. And it bothers me to think that some other religions within Chrisitianity, that may very well have their own dark secrets, may be profiting from its demise.

So, if the discussion of Ratzenberger's non action with respect to child rape is like some of the "...more shameful aspects of anti Semitism..." perhaps the good Rev Raniero Cantalamessa can enlighten us all to what the less shameful aspects of anti Semitism are, at least from the viewpoint of high Vatican officials like the Rev.?

Talk about folks who just don't get it.

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