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Thursday, April 22, 2010


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We flipped when we saw that! Thanx Jack!

Nice find. Tom Lewis has another with a ball girl making a great catch here: http://www.tomllewis.com/?p=3635. She would be a hard act to follow.

Mark Sherman

Ok Jack, admit it. You saw that on Fox news.

And it was a bad call. It was an illegal jump. Baseball rules. Can't do that. Can't leave the ground, period.

I don't watch Fox News any more than I read the Portland Mercury, which is to say, not at all.

Every time you slide -- indeed, any time you run -- you lose all contact with the ground. Otherwise, you're race-walking. Any rule that purports to forbid "leaving the ground" is unenforceable.

He tagged him.

Jack's right. There are rules about sliding which say when a player slides, he must be sliding in such a way to be able to reach a base. (this is really stretched to the limit as B-runners slide in on the ss making the dp relay from second to 1st and the ss has moved off the bag toward rf), but there is no anti-leaping rule.

Further, a base runner has limits within the lateral plane (can't move to more than 3'away from the direct line to the base), but no vertical limitations.

Ben, you're thinking of rules other than those of MLB.

At 22 seconds, the catcher may have tagged him, but the home plate ump is in excellent position to make the call and would have been able to see agap between glove and runner. we can't determine from this angle.

Nice play on ALL fronts!!!


This wasn't MLB so arguing the call was the right thing to do. Still awesome footage.

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