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Monday, April 26, 2010

Reed College heroin story makes splash in New York Times

It's way up there on the newspaper's main web page at the moment -- too early to tell (from here at least) where it will be in the dead-tree edition.

UPDATE, 11:06 p.m.: It appears that the story runs in Section A, page 13. It could have been worse for Reed.

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They did a good job at hiding it, as I had to hunt it down via the search function. (Meanwhile, bigger articles than that come out annually about SMU, but our local drug concern is to make up gibberish about "cheese". "Cheese" is safe because it's allegedly only used by Mexicans, and therefore any roundup of users won't embarrass the families of Dallas's elite.)

I'm all for enforcement of the law, but isn't it a bit of "slippery slope" territory to use anti-crackhouse laws to put the muscle on a university?

What's next - knowing that executives at a Fortune 100 are using cocaine in the executive washroom, so they're seizing the 58-story building in the middle of Manhattan they are headquartered in?

The Times article mentions that Gary Snyder and Alan Ginsberg once “roamed” the Reed campus. I don’t know what Ginsberg’s connection with Reed was but Snyder graduated from there, as well as Beat poets Lew Welch and Philip Whalen(who was from Portland and became a Zen Roshi-master).

Geoffrey--Ginsberg's connection was that he was hanging out with Snyder. The first known audio recording of "Howl" was recorded in a Reed dorm lounge, in fact. It's somewhere on the Reed website--anyone can listen to it.

Ginsberg went to Columbia.

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