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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reader poll: Who will win the Blazers-Suns series?

It was a dogfight, and they tried pretty hard to blow it at the end, but the Blazers managed to eke out a win in Phoenix tonight in Game 1 of their playoff series with the Suns. How will it go the rest of the way?

Who will win the Blazers-Suns series?
Blazers in 4 games
Blazers in 5 games
Suns in 5 games
Blazers in 6 games
Suns in 6 games
Blazers in 7 games
Suns in 7 games
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Comments (10)

Andre is the man! It's almost as if with Brandon out of there he is less hesitant to just go do what he does. Also so far so good as far as far as the officiating situation goes even though Steve Nash was getting some strange calls going his way here and there. Go Blazers!

Dre won that game for Portland, flat out.

Agreed - the Miller pick up looks better and better every game. He's been amazing this season when we needed him.

With the Timbers' and Blazers' victories, this has been a great weekend for Portland sports. Now hopefully Tuesday will be just as good!

The one thing that gives me hope this years is that savvy vets like Miller, Camby and Howard aren't going to let the team get overconfident and think they only need to win one game in Phoenix. A good team--and Phoenix is a very good team--will come back and win one in our house. So the Blazers have to go out the next game and play it like it was game seven.

By the way, I voted for Blazers in 6 without thinking it through. I'm pretty sure games six and seven will be in Phoenix and if it gets that far, we probably won't get game six.

Game 6 would be in Portland on Thursday the 29th.

When did Amare Stoudemire become such a pouting little princess?

Camby for MVP! I know, Miller's been incredibly important as well and is more noticeably productive, but Camby was the missing piece that we needed; without him, I doubt that we'd be in the playoffs.

RIP CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though LA's game was a bit below average for him, he and the rest of the "kids" have last year's play-off experience as well. Batum's improvement from last year was ten-fold at least - both on offense and D. The defensive rotations were far better than the Blazers showed early in the season, and with few exceptions, no one on the Suns strolled into the paint for an easy basket. Now, we'll see if the Blazers learned they need to play that hard for every minute of every game . . .

I didn't know that the Timbers-timberwolves won. About time.

Amara is pouting for free-agency reasons.

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