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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portland voices among those declaring recovery

Here's a collection of optimistic pronouncements, many of them from right here in the Rose City.

Plus, there appear to be more $1 bills in circulation lately...

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Jeez, would the NYT please just leave us alone?

I think the New York Times connection is great for Portland. Yes, I'd rather they spent more time covering my nephew, whose high school band just played Carnegie Hall.
Or maybe my other nephew whose high school band also played Carnegie Hall.
Where was I again...
Oh yeah, the recovery. Although restaurants on Hawthorne and Belmont have been crushed, along with legendary places like Artichoke music, I was walking by a couple of restaurants up around 50th and there were lines out the door. Is it a sign?

Bill - would those restaurants actually be the cheap taco place, and maybe Zach's shack for hot dogs? Not exactly high cuisine!

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