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Monday, April 19, 2010

Portland gets new CFO today

Richard F. Goward, Jr., formerly the chief financial officer of the Salem-Keizer school district, is scheduled to become the new chief financial officer of the City of Portland today.

Goward, 55, worked for the Marion and Polk County school district for 13 years. Before that he was the business manager at Chemeketa Community College for 11 years, and a CPA in a private firm for five years. He's got a business degree from Oregon State and an MBA from Willamette, and he has taught managerial accounting as an adjunct at the Willamette business school.

Goward's latest gig was to oversee the finances of a school district with 40,000 students and a budget of $681 million. (Portland's budget is around four times that size.) Goward lives in Keizer and says he plans to stay living there.

In some ways, I pity the guy -- can you imagine being the person running the money while Sam and Randy make the decisions? I'm sure his pay will be good, but you can hear his aging process revving up from here. Anyway, welcome to Portland, Rich Goward.

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Can we assume he will park his Lincoln Navigator in Wilsonville and take the WES/Max to downtown?

This is the poster child kind of a guy for this job for Creep and Randy.
Years in the cloudy books of a school district and not a chance of anything but "cooperation".
It's all comfort zone for everyone.

WHY would any capable, intelligent, qualified person take this job???


Hope he likes sleaze, and "going along to get along". If not, I give him under two years in this job.

What's he going to do? Samdy probably needs an outsider to give some of these deals the imprimatur of integrity (half the reason I think the other auditor, Gary got kicked out.)

I am sure any deal will show up on his desk at the "its too late to stop now" stage with an order to find a way to make it look palatable for public consumption.

I'm still thinkin' we are seeing the tip of the iceberg with all the TIF money they've spent without any increase in property values to generate the TIF money.

He even kind of looks like le Leonard.

Captain Cannonfodder, reporting for duty!

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