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Thursday, April 8, 2010

People gettin' ready for the news

While Portland futzes around with its sketchy version of professional soccer, the real deal goes on elsewhere around the globe. The World Cup will be held in South Africa this year, starting in mid-June. My friend Steve Stark and his son Harry have once again written a splendid guide to the upcoming tournament. Last time, it was an Amazon e-book, but this year, it's a hard-copy publication:

I really got into the World Cup four years ago, thanks to the Starks; we even had a bracket pool on this blog. But that's been it for me until now. It's kind of like hockey in the Olympics -- the big enchilada of international competition is something to behold, but the annual grind in the American pro ranks isn't all that attractive. I even missed Euro '08; I have no idea if it even happened.

Anyway, the book gets into the drama and diplomatic aspects of the World Cup matches as well as the action on the field pitch. And for an occasional observer like myself, that's just right.

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To get ready for the World Cup, I'd watch FC Barcelona against Real Madrid on April 10th. Check out this guy named Lionel Messi on Barcelona. He really matters right now to global soccer.
This is the beautiful game you hear about.

Bill, I was about to write the same thing myself.
BarTHalona and Real on espn360.com and Goltv
Apr. 10, 2010, 12:55pm
Also, world cup in 3d!! http://www.worldfootballinsider.com/Story.aspx?id=33165

Only thing you missed in Euro '08 was the fluke-ish routing of the Netherlands by Russia, which, following the trouncing of defending World Cup championship competitors Italy and France by the Dutch, simply gave us a sense of what we can expect out of Holland's explosive team this summer.

So get ready to watch for the orange.

Do they allow scoring in World Cup soccer?

The last time I watched soccer I didn't see a score so Im guessing they don't allow scoring in World Cup..

I may be wrong

I believe the last time I watched scoring was still prohibited.

Man, MLS really is held to some high standards on this blog. They can't have any labor disputes, even those that don't result in work stoppages. They must compare favorably to the highest levels of national team play, rather than other growing pro leagues in Australia and the far east. It must be comprised of 100% profitable teams, and every game must end in a 8-8 tie and a PK battle.

Ah well, at least we can all agree on Messi. Arsenal didn't know what hit them on that 2nd leg of the champions league quarterfinal.

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