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Friday, April 30, 2010

Our readers called it early

The Blazers' post-season perished in 6 games, and it comes as no surprise to our readers. Once the Blazers got blown out in Game 2 of the series, those who voted in our poll could read the writing on the wall. After the Suns blew Portland out again in Game 3, in Portland, most thought that Phoenix would win the next two games in order, but when the Blazers evened the series up, Suns-in-6 was the readers' top choice once again.

Here's how the polls came out (in percentages of those responding):

Blazers in 4Blazers in 5Suns in 5Blazers in 6Suns in 6Blazers in 7Suns in 7
After Game 1 (Blazers leading 1-0)414538151410
After Game 2 (series tied 1-1)x31922321411
After Game 3 (Suns leading 2-1)xx536326 3
After Game 4 (series tied 2-2)xxx17352919
After Game 5 (Suns leading 3-2)xxxx482627

Comments (8)

The day before the game I pulled something in my left calf climbing Mt. Tabor.
Before the game last night, I stretched it out and headed back up.
Just as I got to the park, it really tightened up. I stretched, and in the spirit of this season, I persevered.
A few steps later something gave away. I could go no further. I had to call my wife to come pick me up in the car.
Later watching the game in some physical pain, I realized this long season of injuries must end.
Even the couch potatoes - just watching the action on TV - were starting to come up lame.

Talk now, Jackie. A few days ago you were looking past us to the conference finals.


The Spurs.

Dear Spurs:

You might want to put down your Metamucil and go back and read what I said. I said that you were going to lose in the second round, which you most definitely are going to.

I never had much hope for the Blazers against Phoenix, but they clearly would have beaten your tired, old, plodding butts. It was the Suns they couldn't get past.

There will be no conference finals for you, now or any time in the next 15 years.

Haha. This is full of good trash talk, but you don't seriously think the Blazers would've beaten the Spurs do you? A disciplined, well-coached team on both sides of the court? They took apart the shaky, idiotically-inclined Mavs. Even with Roy at full strength, our defensive plan was a joke.

I know they thumped us, but I wasn't all that impressed with the Suns. If we had the BBall IQ to figure out how to rotate out onto their shooters, JRich and their other perimeter players might not have had their best career series ever. Let's see if Popovich can figure out a way to slow them down. Even a newly-Chinatowned Ginobili will be better at hounding their shooters than anyone in our harebrained defensive scheme.

I tend to agree with this guy: http://www.seattlepi.com/scorecard/nbanews.asp?articleID=280041 - but I lean slightly more to Suns in 7. But it'll be a very close series I think. I hope you're not betting any rounds of cocktails on that 'most definitely' prediction.

Oops, forgot one other thing. Speaking of Metamucil, did Steve Nash visibly decay near the end of that series or what? He couldn't stop with the turnovers in the first half of Game 6. I'm sure now he's ready to chase Tony Parker around for 7 games though.....

Let's see if Popovich can figure out a way to slow them down. Even a newly-Chinatowned Ginobili will be better at hounding their shooters than anyone in our harebrained defensive scheme.

That's damning with faint praise. The Spurs are too old to run with anyone. They couldn't run with the Blazers all season, and they can't run with the Suns now. Cuban apologized to his fans, and he ought to. Suns in 6, maybe even 5.

Speaking of apologies, someone didn't stick around to make them:


Dear Spurs:

Enjoy a lovely summer at the nursing home after being swept -- swept! -- by Phoenix.

The Blazers would have beaten you, too.

Jack Bog

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